Dagboek 2012

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New Years Art

New Year's Eve party

Tessa & Ellis (and Simon...) made a videoclip. Click the pictures to see it.

Xmas dinner

Since Simon was travelling, Sinterklaas was late this year.
In the picture Tessa checking out her "shoe".

Renee trying a studio pose.

Simon's mom's choir's Christmas concert. Click on the picture above to see the youtube links.

Sinterkerst dinner


Renee painted by Lisette.  Click on the picture to see the original photo.

Krabbel escaped at first but was set free after recapture since she liked that much better.

Fall colors at Kazernelaan near our house.

Tessa's twin on a pumpkin. And a 500w lightbulb to get the right effect.


Tessa and Lisette went to California for fall vacation. Click on the picture for more.

At Monterey Bay aquarium. As you can see the kids grew up since the last time we
took a picture here with Tessa (Dec.2004).


Tennis in Prinsenbeek with Willy and Jacqueline

Dining out in Hasselt

At Maastricht market square

At Remy's 50th birthday party.


Lisette no fear of heights.

Tessa creative with duct tape


Touring NL-BE-DE-FR with Shobhit, Swati and Kabir.

Lorelei rock

Portrets made in Paris


Susan had an exchange student from Germany this week. See here for more pictures.

High tea for Renee

Easter party - Renee and Tessa's birthday. See here for more pictures.

Tessa's kids party

Tessa played at the Rick Pianofestival and won here age category.
See the youtube video

Tessa & Ellis practised some songs and performed at "HVW's got talent".
Click the pictures to see the video.


Easter party


Living room 360 degree view, picture by Mia.

Susan in a field hockey match. Click for more pictures.

Visitors from CT



Day in Amsterdam


Spectators at Carnaval parade Nederweert.

Tessa and Ellis are "Stars" at the OBS Graswinkel Carnaval parade.
See here for more pictures

A great outdoor scating season


Sinterkerst in Veldhoven.

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