Dagboek 2011

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Seasons greeting card for 2012.


* Tessa & Ellis play at Music centre

  Tessa and friend Ellis performed at a night for parents at Rick Music Centre in Weert.
  See also on youtube movie1 and movie2.

* Mies & Griet 50 year wedding anniversary


  Simon's uncle/aunt Mies & Griet Hendrikx had their 50th wedding anniversary.


  Children's choir

* Gerald 50


  Gerald turned 50.


  Abba showed up for dancing queen.


* Egypt


  We were in Egypt: Cairo & Sinai for fall break. See here for more pictures.


* Babies


  We noticed Krabbel our rabbit had built a nest. Susan went to have a look and
  discovered to great surprise that she had 6 babies!  We did not even know
  she was pregnant, but now know what must have happened during the 30 min she
  was roaming free (escaped from her cage) about a month ago.  More pictures
  to follow when the babies grow up.

* Tessa 10 !

  Girls at the party


  Tessa's birthday party had a creative part arranged by grandma Mia.


  Results (before paint and bake)



* Koninginnedag  (Day of the Queen)


  Queen Beatrix in Weert


  Princess Margriet




  Family in orange

* Easter


  Easter egg hunt, this year only little Jules doing the egghunt, all the other
  kids doing the hiding.


* Moon

  A moon-lit night.           More closeup.

  The moon was at its perigee (closest position), happens once every 20 years.
  We don't have a long telephoto lens so the picture on the right is the best
  we can make. See also here. 

* Ski Kleinwalsertal

  After a long hiatus we went again for ski in the Alps. The high temperature (12c)
  worried us at first, but resulted in a sunny vacation.

  Ski under sunny skies.

  Our hotel is in the valley bottom right.

  Snow angel  -  Austrian beer

  Unexpected meetings on the mountain: Lisette's cousin and friends, Eddie, Helga.

  More friends & kids

  Susan with Christianne    -    Tessa learned the most about ski this trip

* Carnaval

  It was an hour wait to get into the tent to see the local Carnaval band
  "Harry en de gebroke zwiegelkes", but it was worth it.

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