Dagboek 2010

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* New Years Eve

  Foggy fireworks


  Due to special guests from New York Simon's roommates were complete with Peter, Eddie & Leo.
  On the right, the same guys at their house warming party in October 1984.

* Party

  Cooking party at Simon's work.

November 2010

* Ice Sculptures



  At the ice sculptures in Roermond with Chen and family.

* Glow Eindhoven


  A projection made the statue on city hall seem flying away.

  Shopping street Demer lit like a scene in Vegas.   Interior of Catherina church lighted up.


  Light and art festival "GLOW" in Eindhoven  

October 2010
* Halloween parties



  Halloween parties, the first night with friends from school and 
  neighborhood, the 2nd night with NL friends from California.
  Click for the invitation pages. Click above for more pictures.

* Canada & New York





  We spent 4 days in Canada followed by 4 days in New York / Connecticut.
  See here for more pictures.

* Antwerp
  Weekend in Antwerp with friends. See here for more pictures.

September 2010

* Leuven


  Visiting Sofie and Ellen

August 2010

* Post-vacation


  Since Tessa and also the other girls liked the crepes so much during our vacation,
  we ordered a real crepes-maker online from Krampouz in Bretagne and have had
  crepes each day in the first week afterwards.

* Lotte


  Puppy Lotte arrived at our house. Cute, and we still have to teach her
  who is in charge in the house.

July 2010

* Vacation Bretagne & Paris


  Eiffel Tower


  Participation Art in Centre Pompidou.

  In the streets of Paris.

* Susan 13

  Susan's birth party (some weeks ahead of schedule)       Girls attending


May 2010

* Tessa 9
  Tessa's birthday party.

* Groote Peel
  We made a walk with Floortje and Oma in the nature preserve and found
  that Floortje prefers splashing in mud but can be cleaned quickly by
  jumping in a clear pool.

* Lisette & Renee in California
  Rachel's classmates.

  Enya and Marco


  Swati and Kabir

  Meera and Anicia

  Hotdog on a stick       -     Rachel's class mascotte

  Couch potatoeing

  SF trip

  Heather and Rachel

  Lisette and Renee spent a week in the Bay Area meeting friends
  shopping and sight-seeing.

* Zeeland
  Camping in Zeeland with DTE. Cold nights, but sunny at breakfast.
Low tideHigh tide
* Duinrell While Lisette was in CA, Simon went on a trip with Susan and Tessa Amusementpark Duinrell: fast rides & fast slides. * Beach Fun at the beach in Wassenaar. * Coffee Simon went to visit study-mate John & family. April 2010 * Koninginnedag Weert We shared a Koninginnedagshop with Renee, Demi, Henny, Anieke and Ellis. Tessa played piano and Renee on violin. * C Renee did not want to be outdone by her sisters having the swimming-C diploma. She cleared the hole and got the certificate. * Easter Egghunt with friends in Eindhoven. See more pictures February 2010 * Carnaval Carnaval at school. Tessa's group is "bij-tanken" (bee-fuelling). Renee as 3 musketeers. * Swim Tessa got her 3rd swimming diploma. January 2010 * Uggs Warm feet in winter - sweet. Susan is showing off her Uggs. * Sinterkerst We had our yearly SinterKerst party, this time in Vught. See here for more pictures. * Ice Ice was scateable for a long time this winter. * Trip Simon was in California for a weak. "Winter" is not the same here as in Netherlands.

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