Dagboek 2009

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December 2009

* Party
  New Years Eve party in Weert.

* Christmas
  After Christmas dinner at Simon's mom we went for a wet and cold walk to our house
  for desert and coffee. Oma's dog Floortje was happy to keep us company.

* Ice
  Ice-scating at the natuurcamping in Weert

* Concert
  Simon's mother performed in a concert in Someren.
  For movies, search in youtube for "kerstconcert someren 2009".

* Snow
  Lots of snow, fun for the kids, slows down driving. Good we went
  to Germany the day before.

* Ski
  A day in Willingen, Germany, near Winterberg.

October 2009

* Halloween

Pumpkin creations


See here for more pictures.

September 2009

* Trip


  On a trip to the Efteling with Pien and Ellis.

* Brugge


  A weekend in Brugge with friends.

* New friend


  Our rabbit Nijntje was a bit lonely, and got a new friend Pluisje (from the Hendrikx
  family, who had too many of them).  After some days of fighting they are now best friends.


  Boefje, the neighbors escaped rabbit visits regularly.

* Primary School


  Simon went to his primary school reunion, where he left in 1975.
  See here for the photo album.

* Secondary school


  Susan has to study an impressive amount of books in her first year
  at secondary school. 

August 2009

* Retro fashion


  Susan will bike to school on an oma-fiets, a must-have for girls her age.

* Visit


  Dees, Erik and kids were over from Munich.

* Pool


  With cousins in the pool

* Jan Klaver - Simon's dad - passed away - 9 August 2009


  Simon's dad passed away Sunday morning August 9.
  See the memorial pages on http://klaver.us/jan

* Leuven


  Susan, Sofie, Renee, Ellen, Tessa.
  Self portraits made in Leuven.

July 2009

* No more school


  Last day of school before summer vacation. In NL it's 6 weeks, was 12 weeks in US.


  Susan's last day at primary school. Next year "Bischoppelijk College" in Weert.

* Bike


  Simon went biking in Limburg, a lot of up and downhill.

June 2009

* Sleepover


  Renee had her 10th birthday party, a sleepover with Anouk, Luka and Pien.

* Music Unless


  Anita & band (collegues) played at the high tech campus.
  See the photo album.

May 2009

* Tessa 8


  Guests at Tessa's birthday party.

  Arts & crafts at the party.

* Holy Communion Tessa

  Group picture communion Tessa. Click here for more pictures.

  Tessa showing her present "the flip" to friends.

* Pictures Oma

  Thank you card, made by Mia van Roy

  Photo's on locations by Mia van Roy

* Painting

  The girls made a painting. Creative coordinator: Lisette.

* Boat



  We rented a boat on a lake near Maasbracht.

April 2009

* Queensday


  Renee and Pien played violin, Tessa played on Oma's keyboard.



* From San Jose

  Marco, Ya-ling, Antoin, Enya visiting from San Jose                Lisette's birthday

  Group picture

* Team

  Susan's field hockey team.

* Easter

  Easter in Weert. Click here or on the picture for more.

* Play


  Renee's theatre group (with Tineke Prins) did a play about power, called "the Queen".

March 2009

* Antwerp

  Orange fish                                    Curious penguin

  A day at Antwerp zoo with Sonja, Johan, Sofie, Ellen

February 2009

* India


  Lisette and Anita went to a wedding in Mumbai, India.
  Click here or on the picture for the photo album.

* Carnaval


  Carnaval was still going despite Lisette being on vacation in India.

January 2009

* Sinterkerst

  20+ year tradition: dinner with friends around Christmas.

* Party with neighbors


  Our neighbours, pictured during the social event at the start of the new year.

* Party at work

  "Flaming Kiss"


  New Years party Acquisitie Academie (Willem + Lisette).

* Catching up


  Lisette catching up with Karen, while the girls are being introduced to Hyves.nl.

* New Year


  Walk with friends on New Years day 2009.
  Click for more pictures.

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