Dagboek 2008


December 2008

* Scate

  Scating in Nederweert at "Banen"

* Musical


  Ben Cramer with other singers and orchestra performing songs from famous musicals.

November 2008

* Early snow


  The first snow of the year was early, and at 2 inches thick, a nice surprise for the kids.

* Ski


  Ski in Winterberg Germany, 3 hour drive from home.

* Sleepover


  Claire and Sjors were visiting.

* Painting


  Susan delivered a painting to her customer Tiny de Vries

October 2008

* Halloween Geldrop


  Simon made a pumpkin with Obama's face on it.



  Maurice and Corina organized trick-or-treat in Geldrop.

* Halloween Weert



  We had a spooky-walk and made pumpkins with neighbors and friends from school.

* Vacation England

  The first plane-trip for Tessa and Renee since we came back from the US.

  Each of us had his own rollerbag.

  Tower Bridge

  Natural history museum

  Big Ben     - View from London Eye

  Family picture at Stonehenge

  Visit to Bath

  In Bath we visited St. Andrews primary school. The girls stayed for a day and showed a
  powerpoint with pictures from California and the Netherlands.

  Renee presenting to the class.

  With new friends                               -                                With year 6 teacher.

September 2008

* Highschool Reunion


  Simon's classmates from highschool.

* Paris



  Lisette & Simon were in Paris on a no-kids weekend with friends.

August 2008

* Kermis
  Last weekend of August. Leentje Klaver's birthday and Nederweert Kermis.

  Backyard acrobatics

  Food and fun

* Close-up
  In our backyard.

* Funny
  Tessa Rachel Heather in Lisette's photo studio.

* Portrait
  In studio.

* Volendam
  Simon and 7 girls

July 2008

* Paris
  The girls on the lawn in front of the Eiffel Tower.

* Amsterdam
  Kathy in Amsterdam.

* Arriving guests

  Kathy arrives from California with Rachel and Heather, to stay with
  us in Weert for the summer.

  In Weert.

June 2008

* More party
  Renee's party.
  Elise, Shanou,  Pien, Danique, Anouk
  Tessa, Melanie, Renee, Denise, Susan, Nijntje, Janneke

* Camping Gulpen
  In the maze at Drielandenpunt


  In the maze                          Corine & Brian

May 2008

* Birthdays

  Party for family end friends
  Willem, Max, Thom, Siem,Renee, Rick, Tessa, Juul, Mario,
  Sjors, Anike, Guus, Clair, Sarike, Bas, Jiska, Louise.

  Tessa's party

April 2008

* Graswinkel Queensday
  Toy-sale at school.
  Click here for more pictures.

* Sports
  Susan's hockey team.

* >80
  Tiny Klaver (84) with the girls

* Prinsenbeek
  Easter egg hunt at Willy & Monique in Prinsenbeek

* Snowy Easter

  Snow on Eastermorning in Weert

* Unicefwalk
  Renee made a nice picture of Susan during the walk.

March 2008

* Sports

  Renee's hockey team.
  Jamie, Linda, Lieke, Lotte, Pien, Renee, Emma, Emmy

  Tessa's "zwemdiploma A", swimcertificate.


February 2008

* Sjaak 80

  Sjaak Hendrikx, Simon's oncle turned 80.

* Leuven

  Central square in Leuven (Louvain)

  As castle near Sonja and Johan's house.

  Blauwtje, Sofie's bird.

January 2008

* Carnaval

  Susan, Anieke, Tessa, Renee downtown.

  Renee clown make-up.

  Tessa and Youri portrait picture by Lisette in Carnaval customes

  Simon taking pictures during Carnaval parade at Graswinkel school.

* Fun on Ice

  Helga, Christianne, Lisette having fun while skating.

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