Dagboek 2007

December 2007

* New Years Eve in Geldrop
  We were guests of Leo and Marjon

  The evening was so warm that the kids could play outside in the sand box.

  Remy safely lighting a kids star fireworks.

  Rene and Michelaine

  Marshmellows ("smoors" in Dutch) in the fire.

* Guests

  Visitors from Germany.

* Learn German

  Ski in Winterberg.

  Tessa has learned some German on this trip. The waitress asked her:
  ".. und hat es geschmeckt ? .." upon which Tessa gave us a stunned look
  and said "mama ze wil weten of ik gesmekt heb!".

October 2007

* School

  Susan made a trip with Lisette to California.

  Susan with her old class at Summerdale, now in their last year (5th grade).

* Halloween



  Pumpkin's, dress-up and trick-or-treat was fun.

* Collegues


  Simon's collegues showing their creative side.

* Old

  Simon received an old picture from a genealogy expert ("Adriaan Klaver") in Noord Holland


  Simon Klaver (Simon's grandfather) - around 1910
  Picture taken by C. van der Aa, hoffotograaf, Langestraat A 30, Alkmaar.

* Family trip

  With Lisette's family in the Ardennen, in Belgium.

  Rafting on the Ourthe

  Tessa with cousins Juul, Claire

  In front of cabin.

  Climbing, 30 feet (10m) of the ground.

* Fish


  The guppies were getting cold in their unheated bowl.
  They now have a warm-water tank and got company from 10 other fish.

September 2007

* Renee & arms


  After breaking her first arm in the school playground, above picture shows
  where she broke her second.

* Family trip

 Susan cooking with cousins Bas, Mario, Guus

 Family trip to celebrate the Klaver's 45th wedding anniversary

* Little city

  Visiting Madurodam, models at 1/25th scale.

* Dinner

  Susan in playground after dinner with Lisette's family.

* Tessa bike

  Tessa can bike to school now

* Renee (no) hockey

  Renee's hockey team,though she isn't playing for another month due to broken arms

August 2007

* Birthday



May 2007



  Testing our California tent at the camping in Helden.

April 2007

* Koninginnedag


  No garage sales in the Netherlands, but we have Koninginnedag, when you can go downtown
  and try to sell your wares.

* Smoothy


  Susan & fruit smoothy

* Easter party

  Group picture

  Dinner at Easter



  Kids on trampoline


* Hockey

  Renee's hockey team.

* Biking

  Simon's cyling team

* Posing

  Posing in the morning before school

  Tessa had her hair braided, which made it curl

* Medieval times

  Renee and Tessa in medieval dress at the "Historic village" in Eindhoven.

  Medieval customs

* Mud

  Susan played at the construction side of Michel+Annemiek's new home.


* Guests


  Ours and Pieter & Didi's kids with desert.

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